The Revolving Door of Big Government and Big Corporation and America’s Food Supply

July 1, 2012

Agenda 21

Last year I published an article on the Food Safety Modernization Act explaining why people from such disparate groups as the Tea Party and the Organic Food hippy types have apparently come together on the issue of our food supply. A new video explains the revolving door of big government and big corporation. It is important to understand how companies like Monsanto, with government support, are driving small farmers out of business.  It is very hard to tell what is and is not organic anymore, since the government refuses to label our food and inform us what has been genetically modified and what is pure and untouched by these GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

While the federal government insists on labels being put on foods that reveal the calorie count, fat, salt, carbohydrates, etc., it does not find it necessary to tell us what  has been genetically modified.  In fact, through pressure from big corporations such as Monsanto, when farmers labeled their dairy products as not containing bovine growth hormones (rBST, rBGH), they insisted that those labels also stated that the FDA has determined that there is no difference in the hormone treated foods.  Really?  The federal government did not do any testing on GMO foods.  Americans should be aware that no other developed country in the world allows GMO foods into their food supply.  This includes Europe and the UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Obesity, and particularly childhood obesity, is a critical health concern in this country. First Lady Michelle Obama is right in addressing this issue.  However, it is more likely that our struggles with weight have arisen due to the genetically modified foods are in our food supply, and not from eating too many Big Macs!  Tell Michelle Obama to insist that the FDA require labels on all of our foods that have been genetically modified.

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