Hands Off My Healthcare Petition

June 29, 2012

Politics/National Debt

Americans for Prosperity has initiated a petition expressing their (and our) disappointment with the Supreme Court ruling yesterday on the Affordable Care Act. The truth is out, and the court has ruled that Obamacare is not, and never was, about “affordability” or “health care”. It is in fact a tax, and as such it is the largest tax increase on the American people in the history of our republic.  Now, under this law, it is not only the insurance company standing between you and your physician; instead, your insurance company, an unqualified bureaucrat, and the Internal Revenue Service will all be participating in your health care and making decisions about your treatment based on a formulary which has yet to be finalized. This was and is about government intrusion and control over every aspect of our lives.

If you are concerned that the President was disingenuous when he told us that; 1) if you like your physician, you can keep him/her, 2) your insurance costs will decrease approximately $2,500 a year,  and 3) this is absolutely not a tax!, then click here and sign the petition. It will be sent to your congressman requesting that he/she vote to repeal the health care bill and pass patient centered reform.

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