Bill Ayers: I Get Up Every Morning Thinking “Today I Am Gonna End Capitalism”

April 2, 2012

Politics/National Debt

This video was recorded only 3 days ago!

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One Comment on “Bill Ayers: I Get Up Every Morning Thinking “Today I Am Gonna End Capitalism””

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    Ayers has likely never lived for any length of time in a Third-World country. He does not really KNOW fear of retaliation from his thoughts, and his FREEDOM TO SAY WHAT HE DOES. I would say that he is mentally not really in command of all of his components, and he demoes not appreciate “WHAT AMERICA IS” and how we got here. He seems a sad excuse of an aging, semi-intellectual who has no real motivation or direction – he is running on an automatic, rudder-rusted mode, and is a harmless SHELL of a once-dangerous man.

    A sad example of a wasted human life, he will continue to get older, and eventually die off, and become nothing but a footnote in our history. Very sad – he could have been so much more had his mind been working correctly.


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