Right Reason news for April 2, 2012

Heritage Foundation Morning Bell: The Highest Taxes in the World – We cannot blame the corporations for setting up shop outside of the United States.  As long as America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world this will continue to happen.  Corporations exist to make money and pay dividends to their investors. They will continue to find ways to do this, and if overseas operations where they have lowers tax rates accomplish this, then this will continue to be the trend.

CFPB May Change Loan Officer Compensation Rule – Hat Tip TBWS – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created by the Dodd-Frank Bill.  Richard Cordray was appointed by President Obama in a recess appointment, with no Congressional discussion or approval.  CFPB falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a government entity.

Hat Tip Atlas Shrugs – Islamization of the Workplace: Wegman’s Adheres to Sharia, Halah Checkout Line for Muslim Cashier

Hat Tip Atlas Shrugs – UN Betrays Feminists on Supremacy of Sharia and “Traditional Values” Over Fundamental Human Rights

“No comment from the Gloria Steinems, Naomi Wolfs and the army of leftist tools, shills and volunteer victims.  Wolf, instead, is calling for a boycott of …..Katy Perry (it seems her music is, according to the Wolf, “propaganda for the Marines”).

Armaros opined, “The UN is the most dangerous institution to world humanity. I do find something mockingly funny that a bunch of leftist PCnazi feminists got the bird from their God the UN.  Of course the reality is truly tragic.”

Indeed.  Feminists are slaves to their intellectually dishonest dogma. They are the real enemy of women.”


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