Politicizing the death of Ambassador Stevens

An article today in the Huffington Post on Ambassador Chris Steven’s death in Benghazi, Libya quotes his father as saying that his death should not be politicized.  While we grieve for Ambassador Stevens and his family, I do not believe the Romney campaign is “politicizing” it for personal gain.  The fact is, we have not had an Ambassador killed for over 30 years. The President knew it was happening and chose to hop on Airforce One for a political fundraiser.  Do you feel better that our President chose not to politicize it and continue on with business as usual, knowing that we were being attacked at our Consulate and four Americans were under fire and most likely dead or dying?

Testimony this week revealed that additional security was requested many times. The State Department refused.  A journal retrieved by an employee of CNN revealed that Ambassador Stevens believed he was in danger, that he was being targeted for attack.

No one has made any comments about “the movie”.  Do you understand that NOTHING gets on TV in Egypt unless the country approves it? It is not like America.  The media is COMPLETELY state controlled.  So, why was this even allowed to be shown on TV?  Perhaps to incite Egyptians to riot on 9/11?  The average Egyptian believes that if this was made in the US, it was approved by our government.  This was planned, people!  I don’t know why, but something dirty went down. And sorry, but it falls squarely on who is in charge – the current administration – President Obama and Hillary Clinton and her State Department.

…the Taliban is on the inside of the building!

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One Comment on “Politicizing the death of Ambassador Stevens”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    The Taliban and Hamas are alive and well in Washington DC, New York, California and EVERY OTHER STATE OF THE UNION. As I see it NO GOVERNMENT in America can be trusted at this time. It might take CIVIL WAR II to clean things up.


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