From a friend who lives about 50 miles outside of NYC

November 2, 2012


My friend lives outside of New York City, and I wanted to share her email:

I’m at a Dunkin’ Donuts using my computer for the first time since last Sunday.

We still have no power but I do have a wood stove and I stockpiled water & food.

The Utility Co. says it might be 7 to 10 more days before power is restored to everyone locally.

We did not get flooded and wind damage to houses was minimal.  The big deal here is no electricity so no refrigeration etc..

My friend Sally who is 77 is on an oxygen machine( electric ) 16 hours a day and the Company who supplies the emergency back up tanks was totally unprepared for this scale of an emergency. I have been going to their main office every day to pick up what tanks are available and that has been half of what she needs.

There are many shut in elderly who are not getting what they need.

I plan on Volunteering over the week end to bring food etc. whatever I can do.

Laura…this is all so revealing as regards all the Bull- Shit about Homeland Security ….FEMA….preparedness….infrastructure etc. The politicians should hide in shame.

No matter what the news is putting out there the conditions in Manhattan and the Jersey and Long Island shore are 100 times worse.  There is NO WAY this will be repaired etc. in less than one year plus…plus…if ever in some cases.

The Idiot NYCity Mayor, Bloomburg……Let the NYC Marathon continue and they are using tents and generators which are needed for refugees from the storm.

That is the Left Liberal Agenda for you….Let’s just pretend everything is OK and use the resources for a Party…!

The Shore NJ and NY are devastated….devastated ….devastated..

people from Jersey are coming up here to fill their cars with gas …get food and water etc. ….I guess that’s what the Gov. considers emergency management.

It just confirms that if a dirty bomb went off in NYC everyone would run up here and overwhelm our resources.

Why isn’t the Gov…FEMA…etc handing out MRE’s and Fuel….?

Oh well….I will help who I can and thank God that we did not get hit hard.

Write back to me and I will try to come here again tomorrow to pick up e-mail….

Let me know what they are saying about the Election….   LOL….


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