Obama’s Fourth Term – Gulag Bound

November 4, 2012

Politics/National Debt

This post from Gulag Bound struck me so deeply this morning that I had to share it with my readers.  Click here “Obama’s Fourth Term.”

After the events of the past week, with the wrath of Sandy bearing down on a wide swath of the Northeast, and truly feeling outrage and incredulity with the response of  governmental authorities, both local and federal, some things have become absolutely clear.  I am happy to have finally heard from several friends in Pennsylvania and New York that they and their families are well.  I am also disgusted with what they report as to the response and assistance of those in power, and their incompetence in preparing before, during, and after the tragedy.  It comes down to this – you must be responsible for your own safety and make sure you have laid in enough supplies, water, medicines, etc. to get you through at least a couple of weeks –  longer if possible.  Mass transit is useless and a personal vehicle and a full tank of gas are an imperative.  Your friends and your family, along with your neighbors, will be your main source of support and assistance in the event you have experienced devastating damage and destruction.  Those living in densely populated areas and multi-story buildings are most vulnerable, and the elderly and handicapped are especially so.  Let this be a wake-up call to all of you who believe that the government will always be there for you if you need them.  They will NOT!  Government has gotten too big, they defer to political correctness, union bullies, and that its “image” must be maintained in spite of the reality of the suffering of its citizens. For some great coverage and photos, the U.K. Daily Online article can be seen here.

I believe the response to Sandy pretty much proves that in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana and the surrounding states, the reaction of the federal government, in addition to the local and state government, was a testimony to government incompetence overall, and not because of President George W. Bush’s racist attitudes towards the poor and minorities.  Can we put this tired and worn dialogue to rest?

In the coming weeks, the rebuilding of our energy infrastructure will begin.  It is time we ignore the environmentalists and bury underground as much of our electricity power lines as possible.  Let our officials be more concerned with the people than the trees!

On Tuesday, you must ask yourself, do you want BIGGER government, or SMALLER?  If you, too, are sick of the incompetence of this large, unwieldy, top-heavy power structure, then you must vote Republican.  And after that, we must hold their feet to the fire and force them to keep their promises of stripping power away from the politicians and returning it to the people.


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One Comment on “Obama’s Fourth Term – Gulag Bound”

  1. ObserverNY (@ObserverNY) Says:

    Brilliant point about putting the power lines underground. Personally, I had no idea that there were objections from environmentalists to making this common sense move, I thought it was all cost related. Our friends out in Dix Hills who have underground power lines NEVER lost power. Now, a full week after the storm, there are many, many communities still without power and it is getting very cold. Gas stations which have gas, can’t pump out the gas because they have no power! Generators need gas to run and most people don’t store 55 gallon drums of gasoline in their yards.

    The Feds have done nothing to help the immediate situation. There was plenty of forewarning for this storm and the one positive action by Bloomberg was ordering the MTA and buses out of service a full 24 hours before the storm hit so that NYC was able to safeguard equipment and get mass transit back up and running fairly quickly. On the other hand, the absolute idiocy of Bloomberg declaring that the NYC Marathon would still run was stunning.

    Prayers for all of my friends and neighbors who are still without power and who are facing a new storm on Wednesday.


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