The End Begins

President Obama now has unfettered ability to do what he wants, as in “this is my last election and then I will have more flexibility.” “I will transmit to Vladimir.” – Medvedyev

President Obama “After my election…”

The Marxists/Communists have won and will be out in full force more and more, now that dear leader has been re-elected.  They have brought about the rise of an Islamic caliphate in much of northern Africa, the Middle East and portions of Asia. Israel’s future existence is in serious jeopardy. Shari’ah will be the law and will continue to grow here in the U.S.  The Muslim community ran a nasty campaign against anyone who ran on a Constitutional Conservative platform. Florida’s Congressman Col. Allen West was highest on their list.

Voter fraud was rampant yesterday in many states, particularly in the key swing states.  Here in Florida I can tell you that it would have been easy to commit voter fraud.

Yes, Romney said some stupid things, which were played ad nauseum on the main stream media. The stupid things that Obama said, however, were not addressed with such vigor.  He watched in real time as Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other brave Americans were being murdered over an 8 hour period on September 11th, and flew to Las Vegas for a rally.  I do believe that this will be his undoing, and like Richard Nixon, will be forced to confront the issue – but he will not resign!  Instead, he will gather his forces and crush anyone who opposes him.  I am not saying this to scare anyone, I believe it will happen.

It really was about the economy, but the social issues were pounded on by the Obama campaign. Ignorant women believed that a President Romney would take away their rights to vote and have abortions!  I hope my readers understand that this was never an issue, no president has that much power in America, and Roe v. Wade is ultimately the law of the land.  It will never be reversed.

I now understand that President Obama is a product of our educational indoctrination system (see my comment on ignorant women above), and all of our kids have been spoon-fed the social, economic and environmental justice pabulum since birth. Now we will see how Obama acts on his executive orders to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty, Law of the Sea Treaty EO 13547 and EO 13603, which allows him to take over all food, fuels, transportation in the case of a national emergency, which he declared a few months ago with EO 13617.  We will be disarmed, food and fuel will become scarce or rationed, more expensive, and more of our money will be taken away from us through taxation, which will go to other countries to pay reparations for America’s sins.  The truth is, President Obama believes that every American, not just the millionaires and billionaires, must be forced to sacrifice “for the greater good of the world.”

Everyone should read the Executive Orders so they can prepare for what is about to come.  If they are not, this is going to be a really rough 4 years, which I doubt many will survive – literally!  Read all of them back to 2009 and you will see how he has made it impossible for ANY business to operate!  I am telling my friends to keep your eyes and ears open and do not believe everything you hear and half of what you see!

2012 Executive Orders signed by President Barack Obama

Read these while asking yourself why these have been issued and who, or more importantly what, is behind them…

I am watching the stock market drop over 300 points as I write this.


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