Government Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth

January 18, 2013

Agenda 21, Energy/Environment

There is a national effort to destroy our economy, driven by environmental ideologues and terrorists in concert with leftists bent on our country’s destruction.  The planned destruction of the Klamath Dam  is one of thousands of projects going on through the Department of the Interior, Department of Energy, USDA, FDA, EPA, and pretty much all of the other departments and agencies in our federal and state governments. Whistle blowers are summarily dismissed. Take the time to understand what is happening.  We are being introduced to a global government that seeks to steal all of the wealth of the people and resources of the United States, and distribute it to less developed countries in the name of economic, social and environmental justice.  The people of the United States, through our free market system, have realized unparalleled prosperity since its founding.  Our technologies and advances across every industry have also helped people in other countries all over the world toward an improved standard of living.

The majority of Americans are oblivious to what is going on, and the media and our trusted servants are not forthcoming with the truth. Educate yourself. Google Agenda 21, read some of my articles under the Agenda 21 tab.  This is all tied into property rights, education, transportation, energy, our water and food supply…everything we need for our basic survival is being subverted.  The one thing holding them back is our right to bear arms for protection from a tyrannical government.  None of this is coincidence.  Everything is going according to plan.


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