Jessie Duff educates the public on semi-automatic firearms on The Hannity Show

January 19, 2013

Politics/National Debt

Jessie Duff, competition shooter, made an appearance on the Hannity Show last evening.  She walked the audience through various semi-automatic firearms; rifles and handguns.  It was quite educational for those who do not understand what is being discussed in the media and by politicians lately as a “military-style assault rifle”.  Educate yourself, then share with others.

Point of fact: More kids died this week from the flu than from guns.  More died in car accidents than from guns.

I like to shoot the AR-15.  It is fun and there is no recoil, so you can shoot all day.  The first time my husband let me shoot one, after I was done and talking to a friend I said I shot about 30 rounds.  My husband laughed and said no, it was more like 90!  When you educate yourself you will see what a bunch of media and political hype this whole gun issue is!  The AR is the least of your worries, and if you wonder why a couple of mentally deranged crazies have used them, as the media is eager to report, it is because they are very popular.  You can customize them in a lot of different ways to suit your personal choices and desires.  The only way to eliminate this fear of firearms is to educate yourself, take some classes in firearms, and go out and enjoy a day on the shooting range.  You will come away with a better understanding of what self-defense is all about and gain confidence in your ability to defend and protect yourself, your family and your property.  Your initial fear will be replaced with self-assurance as you master the skills of target shooting.

Immersing yourself in the traditional gun culture (which is part of being an American) you will also come to understand the reason the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, which states that “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  I interpret that to mean that the federal government is constitutionally prohibited from enacting ANY gun control laws that would infringe on our right to be armed to protect ourselves from threats or enemies, foreign or domestic.  The laws in place that prohibit a known felon from owning or possessing a firearm are reasonable, and are to protect the law abiding populace.  Background checks on those who want to purchase guns also make sense, as we have the technology to do so and we should prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands.  We are never going to eliminate all gun crime.  On the other hand, statistics show that cities that have strict gun control laws and areas designated as “gun free zones” only allow for criminals to know that they can commit crimes with little or no resistance.  We can be reasonable in effecting safer gun control measures, but harsher rules of what kind of weapons and how many rounds a magazine can hold, only harm law abiding citizens.  Enforce the laws with strict consequences on those who commit violent crimes of all kinds, with any form of deadly weapon.

This knee jerk reaction of our politicians shows us that they never want to let a crisis go to waste. They want us disarmed.  Ask yourself why?

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2 Comments on “Jessie Duff educates the public on semi-automatic firearms on The Hannity Show”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    Excellent blog, easy to read and very understandable. Perhaps it will “calm” some people down on the subject. If you know where a replay of this video can be found on Fox news, that would be great.
    PS- I’m an AR lover also…



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