Teaching Uniformity and Conformity

May 29, 2013


Please watch this video from a teacher burnt out by the rigorous and degrading demands for conformity and uniformity in her classroom.  It is her letter of resignation.  Teachers are losing their love of learning and it is affecting our children.  They are no longer able to make personal connections with their students.  We will continue to lose our best teachers as they are replaced by newly graduated college students who have been indoctrinated with the new education standards and methodology.  This is what federal Common Core standards have brought to our education system.  We must stop it.





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2 Comments on “Teaching Uniformity and Conformity”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    American education USED to be acceptable. The problem is now separating the “wheat from the chaff” – and RE-BOOTING the entire system, with major CONTROL by the states and the counties.

    “School” is a farce. It stinks.


  2. Leatherneck Blogger Says:

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