Trevor Loudon: Barack Obama and the Communist Party

June 2, 2013

Politics/National Debt

Trevor Loudon has been assembling and connecting the dots regarding the infiltration of the Communist Party in America for decades.  He has been traveling across the United States speaking to groups about the enemies within our country, which coincidentally is the title of his new book.  The information on his KeyWiki site contains details of the infiltration of Communists and Social Democrats that has been going on for decades across the globe.  For an in-depth history of President Obama’s Communist ties, click here.

Check out Trevor’s site and see when he will be speaking near you, and make it a point to go hear him.  The man is a walking encyclopedia of information and details about the progressive movement and the Communist goal to control the world.  The scary part is, they appear to be well on their way towards accomplishing their goal.

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