Seven50 – The shell game of “sustainability” and Agenda 21

Sustainable development and smart growth communities are threats to private property ownership.  If we lose our private property rights, we lose all of our rights in America.  Go to your planning meetings in your county or city, and meet the people who are attempting to take away your rights.  Ask questions, like “what is unsustainable?” and “what about private property rights?”  Through these non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the federal government is taking power away from local communities to make basic decisions in how your community will grow in the future.  The women in this video fought against this in their area of Florida – Vero Beach.  It can be fought, but we have to know what it is we are fighting.  Educate yourselves, and then educate your family and friends.

The Tampa Bay area is under increasing pressure to regionalize.  Residents must get involved and voice their opposition to this violation of our liberties and rights.

Look at other posts under Agenda 21 in this blog for more information – this plan involves obtaining control over our access to food, water, shelter, health care, energy, transportation…

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