Wow! Obama called a war criminal in Irish Parliament

June 22, 2013

Politics/National Debt

While low information voters in America do not appear to care about the multitude of scandals under the Obama administration, the world is watching and harshly criticizing American activities in foreign affairs, in particular the move to send arms to aid the rebels in Syria.

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2 Comments on “Wow! Obama called a war criminal in Irish Parliament”

  1. Leatherneck Blogger Says:

    Reblogged this on Leatherneck Blogger.


  2. Brian Maday Says:

    I truly believe that America can serve a “The Shining City on the Hill” as Reagan suggested – But America has been ‘pushed around’ under Oduma – America has lost a great deal of world “GOOD FEEL” about us.

    Hopefully, AMERICA can re-learn (and re-EARN) it former position of the greatest country in the world – VERY quickly!


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